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Donut in Halo Reach by KATTALNUVA Donut in Halo Reach by KATTALNUVA
Here we have Donut, the fruity member of the Red Team.

For this shot I gave Donut a jetpack since he said he wanted one over the series.

It has been confirmed by Rooster Teeth that Donut will return in season 9. He never really died, it is revealed in the sponsor ending of Revelation 13 (confirmed to be canon) that he was only in recovery mode.

There are several indications that Donut is metrosexual. When he and Grif were on recon and he was pretending to be a spy he said, "My secret spy character gets to marry a beautiful Princess in a castle" and in an alternate ending for episode 100 it says he married an exotic dancer named Tiffany and they had 12 children.

It's not pink! It's lightish red!

First the pink suit, now you want to shove metal up my ***. True friends here! Hey everybody! Come look at the true friends!

OH YEAH! This is gonna R-O-C-K rock!

Elbow grease? How stupid do they think I am? Once I get back to base with that headlight fluid, I'm talking to the sergeant.

Hey bitch, remember me? I saved something for ya! Hell yeah, three points you dirty whore!
Taipu556 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
instead of metrosexual I think the correct term is gaystraight.
avenger09 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
remember when you do simmons that he were the same chest piece as jun or the Tactical/Patrol Chest
Lopez-The-Heavy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
"Agent Donut, to the rescue!! WHOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH!!" xP
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